And more City Art

St Vedast in Foster Lane suffered badly in the War,as did much of the area North of St Paul’s.Many Church fragments attest to this destruction.There are photos in the Church showing that in 1947,when a new vicar was installed,the building was still without a roof.But now it is a splendid place,with very much the feel of an Oxbridge college chapel.For the City worker seeking to eat their lunch away from the traffic,there is a lovely courtyard and there will be found lurking a stone bust labelled Head by Epstein.There is no explanation as to who it is or why it is there,although a quick look on Google suggests that it represents Canon Charles Bernard of Chichester Cathedral (a great treasure house of 20th Century British art,largely thanks to Walter Hussey).Apparently in the adjacent vicarage there is a 1959 mural by Hans Feibusch as well.He is also well represented in Chichester.