Art in Northern Ireland (3)

The Ulster Museum in Belfast has a fine collection of 20th century British art,which is well worth seeing,especially for the English tourist who will find works by these artists rare in England.There are,for example,astonishing works by the great John Luke (1906-1975).There is also a small sculpture section,including a major piece by Henry Moore.

Across the road from the Museum is a cafe located in the studio of the artist,William Conor (1881-1968).

Another great work by Luke is an unexpected find in the small Armagh Museum.This is a well-known picture called The Old Callan Bridge.

Finally,on to Enniskillen,and there a blue plaque indicates the house where William Scott lived.His father was from Enniskillen,but by the time Scott was born in 1913,the family was living in Greenock in Scotland,returning to Enniskillen in 1924.So he is sometimes treated as a Northern Irish artist and sometimes as a Scot.I am not aware if any of his work survives in the town.