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Stanley Spencer in Rotterdam/Francis Bacon in the Hague

Went at the weekend to the Kunsthal in Rotterdam,where there is a splendid new Spencer show.There are a large number of Spencers on display and also an attempt to contextualise the work by including work by many other contemporary British artists.So it turns into a wider review of the British art scene of the period,particularly of his early years.I can [Read More…]

Graham Sutherland. Landscapes, War Scenes, Portraits 1924-1950; Bacon and Sutherland; Francis Bacon’s Studio

Bacon and Sutherland, published by Martin Hammer in 2005, began a very important part of the process of comparing and contrasting those two artists away from the grip of Bacon’s journalist proselytiser, the late David Sylvester. The same year, Hammer had brought out Graham Sutherland. Landscapes, War Scenes, Portraits 1924-1950, and Margarita Cappock introduced us to the reconstituted studio of [Read More…]