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Jean Dubuffet: Soul of the Underground

At MOMA last week, I caught the above show on the 3rd floor, in the Drawing Galleries. It is a varied show of smaller pieces in various media. I had never seen a group of Dubuffet pieces together and, rather against my expectations, found them fascinating. A very nice show, carefully and attractively presented. Of particular interest to me was [Read More…]

Peter Watson and Andre Bauchant

In the Tate Archive today looking at the files of ICA exhibitions held whilst Watson was actively involved I came across a loan by him of a picture by Andre Bauchant (1873-1958). I hadn’t heard of him before (nor of the fact that Watson owned a picture by him). His picture was “The Fifth Day of Creation” and there was [Read More…]

Portraits of Sir George Watson

Peter Watson’s money came entirely from the successful business efforts of his father, Sir George, who helped to create and develop Maypole Dairies. Until its decline as an independent company in the 1920s, this business was astonishingly successful and profitable. On the back of the money generated by Maypole, Sir George bought a huge estate called Sulhamstead; sent his 2 sons [Read More…]

Lucian Freud and John Craxton’s drawings of Peter Watson at Christie’s

On 25th June,2014, Christie’s is holding an evening sale of Modern British and Irish Art at King Street. I have contributed a total of approximately 1,000 words to two catalogue entries, on the subject of Peter Watson. Lot 2 is a portrait drawing of Watson by Freud and lot 6 is a drawing of Watson by Craxton. The works are [Read More…]

The History of the ICA

Last night I attended a launch of an excellent new book on the early history of the ICA. The book was largely written by Anne Massey and covers the years from its post-War beginnings up to when it moved from Dover Street to the Mall in 1968. Peter Watson was heavily involved in the ICA from the beginning until his death [Read More…]


There is a new book out about the early years of the ICA, which Peter Watson helped to create: “The ICA 1946-1968″ By Gregor Muir and Anne Massey. The book contains a useful chronology,  showing the amazing variety of cultural projects promoted by the ICA from its earliest years. It has a footnote reference to this website and a reference to my [Read More…]

John Craxton

There is a new exhibition opened at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge of Craxton’s work. I am not sure what has particularly led to the show being put on there, although it may have something to do with the enthusiastic new young Director, Tim Knox. In any event, it is a welcome airing for Craxton’s work, which has not been [Read More…]

Freud’s drawing of Peter Watson

In the V and A bookshop the other day, I saw a familiar face.There is a new book out by Susan Owens called “The Art of Drawing:British Masters and Methods since 1600″. On the cover of this largescale hardback is Freud’s drawing of Peter Watson from 1945,which lives in the V and A collection.


Went up last week to see the Christopher Wood exhibition at Kettle’s Yard. Small,but with some well-known pictures, including the self-portrait wearing a harlequin jumper. Whilst I waited for the gallery to open (it doesn’t open until 11.30), I recalled seeing previously their collection of letters from Peter Watson to Jim Ede. I also popped into the adjoining church of [Read More…]

Farley Farm

Went to Farley Farm in Sussex yesterday. It is a sort of shrine to the lives of two rather extraordinary people: Roland Penrose and Lee Miller. There are many Surrealist paintings by Penrose on the walls, some of them replacing his collection of works by great 20th C masters sold or moved after his death. These are interesting, especially the sequence of [Read More…]