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Peter Watson in the FT

Nice to see Watson on page 13 of today’s Financial Times! Not a paper which often refers to him. He pops up in a review of the new Keith Vaughan show at the wonderful Pallant House. Richard Cork’s review rather oddly labels him a “publisher”, presumably because he paid for the publication of Horizon. He is sometimes confused with a [Read More…]

Peter Watson and Robert Buhler

Help needed! Apparently Buhler painted Watson’s portrait. But where is it now? If anyone has any information about this or even an image of the picture, I should be very grateful to hear.

Peter Watson,Richard Hamilton and Adrian Berg

In the early 1950’s, Peter Watson was heavily involved with the developing ICA. Although he was to die in 1956, he just had time to connect with one or two artists who are, or who were until very recently, still alive. An example was Richard Hamilton, who died not long ago. I spoke to him earlier in the year and [Read More…]

Gore Vidal/Peter Watson

They met in Paris. If anybody reading this has a way of contacting Gore Vidal, please get in touch. I should like to know if he can remember anything about their meeting.

Oliver Messel

Went to Christie’s for a Reception to mark the publication of a new book on Messel edited by his nephew, Thomas Messel. Oliver Messel was an important designer, slightly perhaps fallen from the public eye. This is therefore a timely moment to remind people who he was. He was one of those talented people who was pretty good at all [Read More…]