Portraits of Sir George Watson

Peter Watson’s money came entirely from the successful business efforts of his father, Sir George, who helped to create and develop Maypole Dairies. Until its decline as an independent company in the 1920s, this business was astonishingly successful and profitable. On the back of the money generated by Maypole, Sir George bought a huge estate called Sulhamstead; sent his 2 sons to Eton and lived the life of a plutocratic Edwardian businessman until his death in 1930.

As we research the lives of the Watson family, interesting facts emerge. It transpires that Hubert von Herkomer painted Sir George in 1913 and Sir John Lavery painted separate portraits of Sir George and his wife, Bessie, around the same time. Of these 3 portraits, the whereabouts of only one is known: the picture of Bessie. If anyone reading this has any thoughts as to the whereabouts of the others, please get in touch.