Women artists/Alan Davie

Went to the Imperial War Museum,where they have a small show of women war artists .Interestingly,the first thing one sees is a short video of a Wartime news item from when Laura Knight painted Ruby Loftus in her munitions factory.This is a very famous image and the video shows artist and subject attending the RA to see the picture hanging at the Summer Exhibition (in 1942 or 3).I have just completed a commissioned report for the RA on its experience during the War, so it was nice to see what it looked like.The exhibition also complemented a book I am reviewing for the British Art Journal by Katy Deepwell on women artists between the wars.

Later I visited King’s Place and saw a largeish group of pictures by Alan Davie.A few major works,but a lot of more regular pictures.The nice thing was the range of dates covered.The earliest I noted were from the late 1950’s.