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Ravilious and friends at the Towner Gallery

Very serious and impressively put together show. This is as good as it gets when exploring the world of a series of excellent British artists:Ravilious, Bawden, Paul Nash, John Nash, Barnett Freedman, Percy Horton, Tom Hennell, Enid Marx etc. Ravilious came from Eastbourne, hence the link. Quite a few loans from the wonderful Fry Art Gallery in Saffron Walden. The [Read More…]

Lucian Freud, John Minton, Jamaica

A holiday at The Jamaica Inn prompts thoughts about which artists have painted  on the island. The 20th century British artist most closely associated with Jamaica in my mind is John Minton. He first came by boat to Kingston with his then boyfriend, Ricky Stride, in 1950. They apparently met on the boat two British Jamaican residents, Peter and Alice Blagrove, [Read More…]

Gerard Dillon at the Ulster Museum

I visited this super show last week in Belfast. Just one room, but carefully chosen by someone with an eye for Dillon’s important works. So each picture is a substantive work; there is no padding with minor works. As ever, for me the show preached to the converted. I have no doubt that Dillon was a considerable artist; possibly limited [Read More…]

Patrick Hennessy and Gerard Dillon

Good news from Ireland. At last one can see what has every sign of being a proper retrospective of the peculiar work of Patrick Hennessy, opening shortly.Long the partner of Harry Robertson Craig, and friendly with Colquhoun and Macbryde, he worked in a super-realist style. I am not sure where such a style derived from, (Hennessy was Irish but went to art [Read More…]

John Bratby at the Jerwood Gallery

Down to Hastings to see Bratby at the Jerwood. I have seen a lot of his pictures through the salerooms over the years, but of course one gets a patchy impression like that. At Hastings there are enough pictures to give one more of an overview, although the arrangment isn’t obviously logical in a chronological sense. Also, the Gallery clearly [Read More…]

Basil Blackshaw

Caught a BBC documentary on Iplayer about him. I assumed he had died, but apparently not. Interviews with him show him as an old man in rather desperate need of a haircut. His work is varied and sometimes highly impressive. He is a country artist/man, with many pictures of the dogs and horses he has been surrounded with in Northern [Read More…]

Kenneth Rowntree at the Redfern Gallery

I love the work of Kenneth Rowntree. After I had been to this show, I  counted how many works I own by him and it is 5 quite large oils. So it is a great treat to see a reasonable selection of his work on display, especially as I missed him at the Fry Art Gallery in Saffron Walden. I [Read More…]

John Armstrong at Piano Nobile

I went to the opening of this fascinating show last night. Although inevitably a small selection is all that can be squeezed in to a private gallery, the quality of what was on offer was high. One detected the guiding hand of Jonathan Gibbs, who is such an Armstrong expert. There is a nice hardback catalogue, with text by Julia [Read More…]

Neo-Romantics in Herefordshire

My attention has been drawn to a lovely -looking show in distant Herefordshire. The Monnow Valley Arts Centre has a show of the collection of Nicolas and Frances McDowall. It consists of lots of super works by a range of good artists. The collectors clearly have a good eye. Some of the examples have been excellently chosen (for example the [Read More…]

Kenneth Rowntree. A Centenary Exhibition

I have a plan to get to distant Chichester to wonderful Pallant House right at the end of the current Rowntree exhibition. There are some rare Chekhov plays showing at the Festival Theatre and my wife and I are going to combine the two cultural experiences. In the meantime, I have read and perused the catalogue and what a joy [Read More…]