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Public Sculpture of the City of London

This book by Philip Ward-Jackson (published by Liverpool University Press in 2003 as the seventh volume of a series called Public Sculpture of Britain) is a tremendous asset. I work in the City and often chance upon sculptural features scattered around. Because of the incessant rebuilding which the City undergoes, sculpture gets moved here. It pops up in random places [Read More…]

Wilfred Dudeney

In 2009 it was announced that a sculpture of 3 figures (a group of newspapermen) had been relocated to a City garden after being unceremoniously removed from its original home in New Street Square. This sculpture dated from 1956/8 and was by the sculptor Wilfred Dudeney. Less remarked upon was the fact that a related piece, a Figure of Youth, remained in situ [Read More…]

Philip Lindsey-Clark

In Widegate Street on the Spitalfields edge of the City are 4 attractive ceramic panels in a row at first floor level of a small brick building. They are white on a blue base and show various aspects of the baker’s work. Presumably when they were put on the building it was a bakery. One is signed by Lindsey-Clark and dated 1926. [Read More…]

Walking home from the British Library

I live near enough to the British Library to be able to walk to it. On Saturday I had a bit of a Paolozzi moment. First of all I listened to a recording of him talking about people he had known as part of the historic sound recordings kept by the Library. I was listening to this because he had something [Read More…]


To the Dean Gallery to work in their Archives on Peter Watson. They have some Roland Penrose material which is helpful. Whilst there I look at the extraordinary reconstruction of Paolozzi’s studio. There aren’t many of these studio recreations in the British Isles that I am aware of. Bacon’s in the Hugh Lane Gallery in Dublin and Henry Moore’s various [Read More…]

More City Art

On London Wall, outside the Brewers’ Hall, I came across today a sculpture of a gardener by Karin Jonzen. It dates from 1971 and a plaque says it was commissioned by the Trees, Gardens and City Open Spaces Committee of the Corporation of London. The gardener, presumably in bronze, bends down to tend to his garden. The angular form gets [Read More…]

Modern British Sculpture at the Royal Academy (Part 1)

The current exhibition at the Royal Academy has had extensive coverage, much of it mildly negative as to the choices made by the curators of the show, Dr Penelope Curtis and Keith Wilson.  I have been to the show a number of times and I have also attended two lectures given by the curators in which they sought to explain [Read More…]