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Queer British Art at the Tate and Queer Saint

The new show opening at Tate Britain to mark 50 years since the relaxation of the laws relating to homosexuality folowing the Wolfenden Report inevitably brings to mind the great supporter of gay artists in the 1940s and 1950s, Peter Watson. Watson only really started to focus on British art when he was forced to return to London from Paris [Read More…]

Colquhoun and Macbryde at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

A big retrospective on the work of the Roberts opens at the SNGMA in Edinburgh in late November. It promises to be an exciting show. I have been working with the curator, Patrick Elliott, on the text of the catalogue.

Mid 20th C British art in the City

It used to be possible to walk into a City boardroom and have some chance of seeing an interesting piece by one of the artists covered here. I recall Ivon Hitchens in UBS, all sorts of good things in Barings and Robert Fleming, a varied  collection in Simmons and Simmons (courtesy of their noted art collector partner, Stuart Evans) and [Read More…]