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Keith Tyson at the Jerwood Gallery

Something unusual happened yesterday.We went to the wonderful Jerwood Gallery in Hastings to see the Eileen Agar display.Before we found it, we walked into the Keith Tyson show of studio drawings. Now I had heard of Tyson, but had crudely assumed, based on nothing at all, that he wasn’t my type of artist: too much of the Turner Prize and [Read More…]

Prunella Clough and John Piper at the Jerwood Gallery

The Jerwood Gallery in Hastings is rapidly becoming one of our favourite places to go.They are on a roll, with super little focussed shows, intelligently making use of their relatively small space to best effect. Prunella Clough’s early work is fascinating; her later work of no interest whatsoever. I don’t know what happened to her. It all looked so promising [Read More…]

John Bratby at the Jerwood Gallery

Down to Hastings to see Bratby at the Jerwood. I have seen a lot of his pictures through the salerooms over the years, but of course one gets a patchy impression like that. At Hastings there are enough pictures to give one more of an overview, although the arrangment isn’t obviously logical in a chronological sense. Also, the Gallery clearly [Read More…]