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Colquhoun and Macbryde at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

A big retrospective on the work of the Roberts opens at the SNGMA in Edinburgh in late November. It promises to be an exciting show. I have been working with the curator, Patrick Elliott, on the text of the catalogue.

Basildon Park

The National Trust at Basildon have arranged a display of mid-20th C British art from the Arts Council permanent collection. I visited it on Sunday. Sensitively arranged throughout the house the idea is a loose commemoration of Lord Iliffe, who himself collected pictures of this type and period. There is the important and well-known Sutherland from 1950, Standing Form against [Read More…]

Robert Colquhoun

Went to an excellent lecture last night at the Fleming Collection, given by Davy Brown. He is the source of a great deal of knowledge about Colquhoun and has a large collection of his work. The interesting thing was his emphasis of the monotypes.From the early 1950’s until his death in 1962 at the age of 47, Colquhoun painted few [Read More…]