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Patrick Hennessy and Gerard Dillon

Good news from Ireland. At last one can see what has every sign of being a proper retrospective of the peculiar work of Patrick Hennessy, opening shortly.Long the partner of Harry Robertson Craig, and friendly with Colquhoun and Macbryde, he worked in a super-realist style. I am not sure where such a style derived from, (Hennessy was Irish but went to art [Read More…]

Algernon Newton

There is a small show of his work on at the Daniel Katz Gallery in Old Bond Street at the moment, which is worth catching. Newton’s work appears occasionally in the sale room. It is not, and can never have been, fashionable, but it is painting done by a serious, trained artist and merits attention on that basis. Throughout the [Read More…]

Book Review: Painter Pilgrim. The Art and Life of Tristram Hillier

Published in the British Art Journal, IX, 2, Autumn 2008