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Kenneth Rowntree. A Centenary Exhibition

I have a plan to get to distant Chichester to wonderful Pallant House right at the end of the current Rowntree exhibition. There are some rare Chekhov plays showing at the Festival Theatre and my wife and I are going to combine the two cultural experiences. In the meantime, I have read and perused the catalogue and what a joy [Read More…]

Peter Watson in the FT

Nice to see Watson on page 13 of today’s Financial Times! Not a paper which often refers to him. He pops up in a review of the new Keith Vaughan show at the wonderful Pallant House. Richard Cork’s review rather oddly labels him a “publisher”, presumably because he paid for the publication of Horizon. He is sometimes confused with a [Read More…]

Robin Ironside at Pallant House

Went to see the Robin Ironside exhibition at Pallant House in the pouring rain yesterday. A small show, rather dimly lit, presumably because of the fragile medium used in most of the pictures. But a treat to see a group of his work, as it is remarkably hard to come by in the art market or in any public gallery and it [Read More…]

Edward Burra, Michael Andrews and Barbara Hepworth

Recently been to Pallant House in Chichester to see the wonderful Burra show there. He is getting a great deal of well-deserved attention now and this show will have done his reputation no harm. There were plenty of pictures from each of his well-known painting phases. There was also an interesting film running of him being interviewed at some time [Read More…]

Watercolour at Tate Britain

Went to this yesterday.Apart from single pictures by Ravilious and Bawden,the most dominant 20th C British work on show is by Edward Burra.He has a number of large and characteristic watercolours on display. In the rearranged displays in Tate Britain it is well worth catching a rarely seen exceptional example of Eileen Agar’s work (Autobiography of an Embryo,1933/4).After her recent [Read More…]