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John Luke

Very excited to see that the Ulster Museum in Belfast has a big John Luke show. He is one of the most extraordinary British artists of the 20th century and I encourage anyone who can get to Belfast to go. There is also a separate Luke drawing exhibition on at the Naughton Gallery at Queen’s, which is nearby, so the [Read More…]

Art in Northern Ireland (3)

The Ulster Museum in Belfast has a fine collection of 20th century British art,which is well worth seeing,especially for the English tourist who will find works by these artists rare in England.There are,for example,astonishing works by the great John Luke (1906-1975).There is also a small sculpture section,including a major piece by Henry Moore. Across the road from the Museum is [Read More…]

Art in Northern Ireland (1)

It is a theme of mine that the London art world has shamefully ignored the achievements of the group of mid-century artists who came out of Northern Ireland and it is high time they got their just deserts in terms of UK recognition. This group is probably led by Gerard Dillon, but there are strong claims to importance from the [Read More…]