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Neo-Romantics in Herefordshire

My attention has been drawn to a lovely -looking show in distant Herefordshire. The Monnow Valley Arts Centre has a show of the collection of Nicolas and Frances McDowall. It consists of lots of super works by a range of good artists. The collectors clearly have a good eye. Some of the examples have been excellently chosen (for example the [Read More…]

Exhibition Review: Alan Reynolds at Kettle’s Yard

Published in the British Art Journal, IV, 3, 2003

Exhibition Review: Alan Reynolds at Kettle’s Yard

The shock with the work of this particular artist is not that he worries at his subjects, but that his work has divided into quite distinctive phases, each at first glance sharply removed from previous phases. Following the landscapes now so commonly found at Sotheby’s and Christie’s come some years of abstracts, involving colour. Then the painting largely disappears from [Read More…]