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Bawden at the Fry Art Gallery

The private view yesterday was full of an enthusiastic local crowd. Edward Bawden is the poster boy of the Fry Art Gallery; something close to their raison d’etre. The Gallery always has plenty of his work on show and they busy themselves in the London art market from time to time snapping up work by their favourite artist which appears [Read More…]

Ravilious and friends at the Towner Gallery

Very serious and impressively put together show. This is as good as it gets when exploring the world of a series of excellent British artists:Ravilious, Bawden, Paul Nash, John Nash, Barnett Freedman, Percy Horton, Tom Hennell, Enid Marx etc. Ravilious came from Eastbourne, hence the link. Quite a few loans from the wonderful Fry Art Gallery in Saffron Walden. The [Read More…]

Edward Bawden at the Fry Art Gallery

A new show opened at Saffron Walden on Saturday of early Bawden watercolours. How beautiful they are. Best when they don’t have images of human beings in them, which most don’t, they are a glorious example of Bawden’s ability in watercolour. The Fry Art Gallery is a tremendous place and as ever must take great credit for putting on this [Read More…]

175 Years at the RCA

I went to this at the weekend and would urge you to go if in the area. For those with an interest in 20th C British art, it is a great treat. Sculpture by Moore and pictures by Hockney, Auerbach, Bawden, Ravilious, Minton etc etc. By the latter is the enormous and very rarely seen Death of Nelson, owned by [Read More…]

Peter Watson and others in Sicily

Just returned from Taormina. Peter Watson visited in 1950/1, staying at the grand hotel, the San Domenico Palace. Nearby was Truman Capote, who lived there at the time, and also the Englishwoman, Daphne Phelps, at Casa Cuseni. She had a string of high profile cultural visitors and it would be interesting to know if Watson was one of them. It would [Read More…]

Lecture at the Fry Art Gallery

Anyone reading this who can make the trip to Saffron Walden is most welcome to buy a ticket for a lecture I am giving at the Fry Art Gallery on the evening of Friday 25th November.The lecture is called The British Art World after the War and will no doubt be slightly controversial! The Gallery is an absolutely splendid establishment.In [Read More…]