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John Aldridge RA at The Fry Art Gallery Saffron Walden

The show at the Fry – that most wonderful of small galleries – was too small to make many substantive points in any debate as to Aldridge’s proper status. Whilst ahead of most artists of his time, he was nowhere near the top group, and as such, is likely to remain amongst the footsoldiers of 20th Century British art. An excellent little catalogue for the exhibition included a fine essay by local art historian, Peter Donovan. I would urge anyone within reach of Saffron Walden to visit and support the Fry Art Gallery.

John Aldridge

A rare chance to see a group of Aldridge’s work is on at the moment at the wonderful Fry Art Gallery in Saffron Walden.Lack of space means that there are not enough pictures to cover his long career, but because he rarely gets seen, this is a good opportunity.His basic subject matter was often landscape (or townscape) , sometimes around [Read More…]