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Ravilious and friends at the Towner Gallery

Very serious and impressively put together show. This is as good as it gets when exploring the world of a series of excellent British artists:Ravilious, Bawden, Paul Nash, John Nash, Barnett Freedman, Percy Horton, Tom Hennell, Enid Marx etc. Ravilious came from Eastbourne, hence the link. Quite a few loans from the wonderful Fry Art Gallery in Saffron Walden. The [Read More…]

Kent visits: Ridley and Trottiscliffe

Today visited the above villages in Kent. The connections were that Thomas Hennell was born in Ridley, where his father was the vicar. The church was undergoing some repairs but the small hamlet remains remarkably remote despite being surrounded by various motorways. Hennell started his artistic life in this part of Kent, which was then completely rural. Trottiscliffe church is [Read More…]

British painters in Iceland

Interesting to note which of our group of artists worked in Iceland. One, Ravilious, is well-known for his Icelandic work and he died there in an accident in 1942. He had been there as an official War artist. His replacement was Thomas Hennell and there are gorgeous examples of his watercolours done in Iceland. By coincidence, he was another War [Read More…]