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Gerard Dillon at the Ulster Museum

I visited this super show last week in Belfast. Just one room, but carefully chosen by someone with an eye for Dillon’s important works. So each picture is a substantive work; there is no padding with minor works. As ever, for me the show preached to the converted. I have no doubt that Dillon was a considerable artist; possibly limited [Read More…]

Patrick Hennessy and Gerard Dillon

Good news from Ireland. At last one can see what has every sign of being a proper retrospective of the peculiar work of Patrick Hennessy, opening shortly.Long the partner of Harry Robertson Craig, and friendly with Colquhoun and Macbryde, he worked in a super-realist style. I am not sure where such a style derived from, (Hennessy was Irish but went to art [Read More…]

George Campbell and the Belfast Boys

Very pleased to receive a copy of Karen Reihill’s latest work, this time focussed on the fascinating Irish artist, George Campbell. Previously Karen has written a tremendous book on Gerard Dillon. These books are very welcome, as they give some proper weight to these important artists. Although he was born in Arklow, Campbell grew up in Belfast, where Dillon was [Read More…]

Gerard Dillon at the Ava Gallery,Clandeboye

I visited this exhibition last week.It is an excellent display of the whole range of Dillon’s work.He produced a lot of work in his comparatively short life and was always an experimental and thoughtful artist.I would urge anyone within reach of Northern Ireland to visit or to get hold of the excellent catalogue.The gallery itself is a treat,with the pictures well [Read More…]

Gerard Dillon

Alongside other 20th century Irish artists, Dillon’s prices have suffered a bit at auction recently. He had a large output across his comparatively short life and examples come up regularly at auctions in Dublin and, to a lesser extent, in London. Now a real treat has appeared. At Adam’s in Dublin there is a large Dillon exhibition during July, moving [Read More…]

Art in Northern Ireland (1)

It is a theme of mine that the London art world has shamefully ignored the achievements of the group of mid-century artists who came out of Northern Ireland and it is high time they got their just deserts in terms of UK recognition. This group is probably led by Gerard Dillon, but there are strong claims to importance from the [Read More…]